Last year 100,000
NZ businesses were attacked, losing $19,000 on average
Cyber threats and attacks are not a case of,
‘if’ but ‘when’. Be assured with an independent
assessment, followup and certification of
your business’s cyber security. Protect your
business today!


Avoid unauthorised:

  • Access to a system or device and its data
  • Extraction, deletion or damage to data
  • Disruption of availability to any business operation
  • Activities causing financial or reputational harm


Get peace of mind:

  • Business assessed for cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Risks dealt with by your preferred IT provider 
  • Access to best practice policies, certification and more


It’s easy and convenient:

  • 1 hour onsite, plain English assessment
  • 30  minute follow up visit
  • Low annual fee for assessment, certification
    and 12 months of support
  • Easy access, ongoing help and on-line resources

An attacker takes control of a communication between you and another person, and pretends to be you.

Obtaining sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

ID Fraud
When you or your customers ID is stolen and used to gain a financial advantage or obtain credit or other benefits.

Malicious software that encrypts and threatens to publish your data unless a ransom is paid.

Data Back Up Risk
having no, irregular or unsecure, off-site back up.
(Trojans, bots, worms)malicious code (malware) that infects your computer  and changes how it  works.
User Behaviour
Your staff are an asset but also a risk if not trained regarding cyber security.
Insider Attacks
Malicious software that encrypts and threatens to publish your data unless a ransom is paid.

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