Benefits of TechSafe Assess


Cybercrime such as phishing attacks, ransomware, website hijacking, identity fraud and exploiting out-of-date software are real and rapidly growing issues facing all New Zealand businesses today.

An assessment and certification from TechSafe is an easy and affordable way to manage your cyber risk, secure your business and keep your business in business.

You instantly get the results of the cyber security assessment service and we follow up at a later date to verify the recommended changes have been made. Your cyber security assessment results and status plus resources about how to maintain or improve your cyber security can be accessed by you and your staff via the TechSafe portal.

Assuming you achieve certification, you can use it to inform your customers and suppliers that you have taken this important step toward cyber security to ensure their information is safe.



For a 12 month subscription

✔ 1 hour onsite, plain english assessment

✔ 30 minutes follow up visit

✔ TechSafe portal access, ongoing help and on-line resources

✔ 12 months support

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