To keep your business cyber secure you need to first be aware of the challenge, and then manage it.

TechSafe has helped a number of customers with cyber awareness and management, and the following illustrates how your business could be safer as a result of TechSafe. Every business today needs a cyber assurance service.


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Codecert are a single point of contact to manage building warrant of fitness compliance requirements, as well as testing and safety assessment regarding building use.

CodeCert acknowledged that being unaware of the risks is the biggest issue. The assessment proved very valuable in highlighting gaps. 

“We had no written procedures and induction policies around cyber risk and we had no set staff expectations around cyber risks

The assessment is like a vaccination. It’s something all small businesses should do to stay healthy.”

Margaret BruceCodecert Ltd

Connected Accountants are business advisors and chartered accountants. They take pride in getting an in-depth understanding of their client, and knew of a client that had been hacked. So looking for more information to assist clients as well as themselves they got assessed. 

As a Xero Gold partner Connected Accountants realises the importance of looking after business and are now better equipped to do so for themselves and their clients.

“We were looking for assurances that we were doing things ok or, if we weren’t where did we need to improve things.

We have tightened some procedures and policies especially around staff.
We didn’t fully understand the risks we were facing.”

Anne StephensonConnected Accountants

Avid Law is a  forward thinking New Zealand lawyers specialising in corporate, commercial, and technology law. Many of their clients are involved in the technology sector – including IT, communications, life sciences, design, and manufacturing.

Avid Legal saw the potential to improve SME access to quality cyber assessment and raise awareness of practical ways to be better protected.

“The most valuable things for us were pausing to think about some of the incremental features we’d added to our IT set up after our initial establishment in a holistic way and having easy access to professionals who could explain the context and importance of different measures.

It armed us well to ensure our IT providers are assisting us in the best way
The assessment is like a vaccination. It’s something all small businesses should do to stay healthy.”

Murray WhyteDirector, Avid Legel

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