What do I get?

The TechSafe subscription provides an on-site assessment of your business cyber risks, a report on recommended changes, a follow up assessment, 12 months access to  ongoing support and resources, including best practice policies and staff training materials  via a portal, as well as your certificate of compliance.

How regularly is TechSafe required?

Staying cyber secure is ongoing. We recommend you keep up to date about risks and managing your business’s security with the help of your preferred IT provider. Access to the portal, policies and resources is provided on a 12 month subscription.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, ordering your initial subscription is the only commitment required.

When do I pay for the subscription?

You pay when ordering your subscription, and then the assessment can be booked.

What guarantees do you offer?

Cyber crime is constantly evolving and we will show you where the  threats exist in your business. However, like a warrant of fitness on your car, it’s not a guarantee that you won’t fall victim to an attack of some kind, but it will better prepare you to avoid them.

What if I have to re-arrange the on-site assessment?

If you need to re-arrange the visit, just contact us either via the email you received about the appointment or using our contact details below.

Who will make any changes based on the assessment’s recommendation/s?

You and your preferred IT provider will be sent a copy of the assessment results. Any changes recommended from the assessment can be carried out by your preferred IT provider or anyone else you like. If you don’t have a trusted IT provider, we can recommend one for you.

What happens when I get new staff or IT equipment?

As part of your subscription, you’ll be  provided with best practice policies for managing your cyber security this includes new staff, departing staff, changing your IT equipment.

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