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Device Administration for TechSafe Manage

What management action can be performed on devices?

Device Action Description Use case
Message Phone Management can send a message to phone using Admin account When a user exceeds their data allowance or issues with device roaming policies
Reset Phone PassCode Devices PassCode can be reset remotely. This option does not apply to laptops and other devices. If the device has been lost or misplaced use this option to remove all possible sensitive data until the phone is returned.
View Latest Known Location To view latest known location of device with user credentials When a device missing in action and to locate the device with more details of latest known location in google maps with the username, email address
Refresh Device Location This option used to refresh phone location to give the last known position on the map. At times devices will not show the latest location or last active time etc. In such occasion we need to activate or refresh remotely to get the user’s device location.
Lock Device This option gives us the ability to lock the device remotely When a user’s device is lost or stolen, we use this TechSafe Manage option to lock the device remotely.
Hardware Report This report gives us details about device specifications such as hardware model, manufacturer etc User’s device can be audited to see the device model, OS version and firmware version to replace older devices which are prone to vulnerabilities.
Software Report This report provides us details of the software installed in the corporate devices. Management can easily identify software’s which are not approved under the company policies
Security Compliance This option gives as a summary of compliance list and its result of the device eg: Configuration profiles, device restrictions etc To get the device under security compliance, this option gives the management to keep devices secured e.g. Information about jail broken device, Policy Compliance State etc
Mobile Network This section gives information of the network provider details, device’s mac address etc. We can easily identify a user’s data usage while roaming internationally on a corporate device using current carrier details.
Selective Wipe This option is used to perform a selective wipe of TechSafe Manage data eg: Deletes the WIFI profile, web shortcuts configured on the device from the TechSafe Manage policy etc If the device has been lost or misplaced, Management can use this option to remove all possible sensitive data until the phone is returned.
Revoke Selective Wipe This option gives the ability to withdraw the action Selective Wipe remotely Management can use this option to perform revoke selective wipe remotely if the device retained
Remove Control (Uninstall) To uninstall TechSafe manage this option gives the ability to perform remotely Management can remove TSM remotely and uninstall using this option to get a clean data if there is an error shows up in data comes from the device
Device Action History This option gives us the history of the selected device with executed time, what action has been performed and executed by and its result etc Enrollment, Compliance, device update etc can be easily identified through “Device Action History” with executed time and its result
User Details User Details of a device gives you basic details of the user in a table form with device summary To identify a device user details from User created date, name, email and last update of the device etc.
Data Usage This option gives us the details of a cellular data usage from Network to roaming usage With monthly period, usage, limit and percentage we can easily identify a device cellular data usage and its pattern from the month the user has been created.
Enabled Services This option lists the enabled service inside the TechSafe MDM container with its device summary With the enabled services like secure mail and browser inside the TechSafe container, we can use safe and secure email, browsing activity.
Device Data This option will give you the current device data when you are executing by clicking from the drop-down menu. If an action queued up and waiting to fetch the result eg: Installation and updates, by initiating “Data refresh” the device will get in contact with the server to give the result.
View Patching Administration This option shows the patching information of a desktop or a laptop machine along side device summary. It is very important to patch a device to safeguard from vulnerabilities and this option will show up with the available outstanding patches and its severity

Note: Different options are available according to the device type e.g. Phone, Table and Laptop/PC

How to enroll a customer device using TechSafe portal?


The following are requirements that must be met before initiating this process:

  • The Authentication for TechSafe Portal and the customer user accounts must be completed (Local Authentication, Office365).

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How to assign user accounts on DEP enabled devices when enrolling mobile phones to TechSafe MDM

DEP enabled devices have a different enrolment workflow as the profile is automatically installed on the mobile phone upon initial setup. A user account requires to complete the enrolment and the apps will automatically downloaded to the device after assigning the user account.

Process is:

– In Portal Manage page > “Manage” Tab > Click “All Admin Actions”

In the drop down menu, click “Open Watchlist Dashboard” > Select “DEP Phones requiring profile”.

– In the DEP phones requiring profile details view select a device > Under the Actions Drop down > Select Assign User.

– In the Device Assignment Page > type the email address of the user that will use this device.

– Result: A user will be assigned to the device. Confirm this by accessing the DEP enrolled devices dashboard list.

Note: the username and email are no longer blank.

How to check users cellular data usage using TechSafe Manage?

Using TechSafe Manage we can check a user’s monthly cellular data usage.

  • Open Portal Manage page in TechSafe Manage and click “All Admin Actions” under Manage Tab.

  • Click “View and Interact with all devices” option in the drop down menu to initiate actions on a particular device.
  • Device details page will open the list of all types of devices.
  • Click the button “Actions” for the particular cellular device to open the available options.

  • Click “View Data Usage” and page will open with “Cellular Data Usage and Device Summary”.

Cellular Data Usage has two different section with “In Network Usage” or “In Roaming Usage”.  The table data shows according to the billing cycle with usage limit and the actual usage in megabytes and percentage.

How to review and remove inactive devices in TechSafe Manage portal?

​Requirements: An admin account is needed to complete this process.

To review inactive devices:

  • Open Portal Manage page in TechSafe Portal and to access “All Admin Actions”

  • Click to open a drop down menu from “All Admin Actions” to access “Inactive Device Review and Removal” option

  • Inactive Device Review and Removal page has to tabs “Device Last Seen Summary and Device to renew and remove”.
  • Device last seen summary tab will give you individual summary of devices and the total devices  that needs attention.
  • Device to review and remove tab will give options to “Bulk or Individual remove”.

  • Click the tab “Not seen for 3 or more months – 5 Devices” to review
  • You can bulk remove by click the “Select/Deselect All” check box or you can individually select the device you want to remove as in

mentioned in the image below

  • Once selected, click the button “Click to Submit Devices to be Removed” which is placed on tab “Devices to review and remove”.

How to increase the email history stored on your Managed mailbox?

1. Open the option “Mail, Contact, Calendar, Tasks” under the heading Secure Productivity

2. Select your email ID under the heading “Account”

3. Select the option “Days to Sync”

4. Select the option “No Limit” to increase the email history to maximum

How to add additional mailboxes in secure container?

1. Access the settings in your Container.

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks.

3. Select “Office365 Bureau Insurance”.

4. The Domain should automatically be populated for the user.

Under Email “specify the user email address”.

Under Username “also use the users’s email address”

1. Once logged in confirm that you can now see the configured account.
2. Access the Container Mail App.

3. Select the Inbox Drop down button.

4. The user now has an option to view all emails in a single inbox view (All inbox) or view emails from each mail box.

How to see TechSafe Manage directory from User Management?

– Open Manage my account in TechSafe portal and click the link to “View/Delete/Reset User Passwords” link in “User Management”
– Under “User Source”, label with “User Directory(AzureAD)” shows the profile registered with Office 365.
– Label with Local Directory is the profile without office 365 .

How to add new user and give a manager role as in TechSafe Manage?

Requirements: Admin Account

  • Open “Portal Manage” in TechSafe and click the tab “User Management” which is placed under “Account Details” tab.

  • You will be presented with actions such as “Add New User” and “View/Delete/Reset User Passwords” as in the picture below.

  • Click the action “Add New User”.
  • Fill the input fields with user credentials and click the check box “Make Manager” to give the person a manager role.

Using TeamViewer for device management?

Devices can be managed with TeamViewer to provide remote support.

This Ensures business connectivity by providing IT support to users without needing to travel for in-person support.

Click here to review the end user EULA

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