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TechSafe Manage Reporting

How TechSafe Manage Reporting works?

Using MaaS API calls the data will be fetched through all data points from the devices and feed to TechSafe Manage Portal. By creating new report using field selection the data will be extracted from the server.

Where is TechSafe Manage – Reporting in TechSafe Portal?

In the TechSafe portal,

– Click the Manage my portal icon from the sidebar.

– Click the “Reporting” tab to open TechSafe Manage Reporting section.

How often data collection happens through TechSafe Manage Reporting?

Data collection happens every night as TechSafe Manage Reporting has been set up as nightly refresh.

What are the options available to create a report in TechSafe Manage Reporting?

We have two options i.e. Partial data collection and full data collection.

What is partial and full data collection in TechSafe manage reporting?

Partial Data collection is a process of fetching a quick data collection with default and common fields only. Full data collection will fetch all the selected fields to create a report.

How to create a report in TechSafe Manage Report?

To create a report, click the blue plus icon to open the “Report Builder” page. A page will open with Report builder and Field Selection.

  • Give a name for the report in the “Report Name” input field
  • Device type with options presented with radio buttons
  • Select Fields from “Field Selection” tab
  • Click “Save Report”

  • After selecting the type data collection, the report will show up in “Report Table” under Reporting Tab in manage portal.

What is the time duration to collect data for a report?

The result of fetching partial data comes back quickly is really depends on how many devices in the customers data.

Full Data collection may take while, If the customer’s device count is below 100, the result will be quick. If the device count is in 100s and above, the data fetch process will take time.

What are the indicators and ways to know while a selected data collection option is underway?

  • Check the URL after selecting the option partial or full and the URL should finish as “action=sched_partial” or “action=sched_full”.
  • Data request message will appear.

How to know the results of data collection is ready?

You will receive a message in the reporting section on top of Data collection options and a message will show up with Partial/Full selection will show up.

Refresh the page using the green refresh icon to get the current timestamp and the message should disappear.

Check the time stamps section under “Reporting” tab, once the report is ready the timestamp gets updated.

What are the main Fields available to create a report?

Field Selection has 5 sections i.e. Common Universal Fields, Common Phone Tablet Fields, PC Only, Apple Devices Only and Android Devices Only.

How to select or deselect a field selection in a report?

By expanding each section, Select all required fields.

  • Add a field by selecting it and it will be highlighted.
  • To remove a field, select again.

The report must be updated after updated field selections.


How to edit a report?

Two ways to edit a report i.e.

From the Field Selections:

  • After creating a report and clicking the save button, a page will open with new created report name and “Edit this report” option among other options.
  • Click “Edit this report” and click the button “Reset All Fields” to restart with new selection.

From the Report Table, click option “Edit” to edit the report.

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