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Registration and Installation

How to register for Techsafe Manage demo?

Open TechSafe Manage Webpage using the link given below. Click “Register Now” button in the preferred plan.


TechSafe Manage Webpage

How to subscribe specifically for TechSafe manage demo or a preferred plan?

A registration page opens with a form once you click the “Register Now” button in the TechSafe Manage website.
There will be three options Assess, Educate Demo and Manage Demo. Tick the check box for TechSafe Manage Demo.
Fill up the form and click “Let’s Go” button once you go through the Terms and conditons.

How to create my login by subscribing TechSafe Manage plan?

Check your email inbox for confirmation email from TechSafe with given first name, the subscribed product and a confirmation link.
Click the link which will take it back to the TechSafe portal’s form with the inputs for more business details and setting up password.

How to recieve welcome email from TechSafe?

Once submitting the form and setting up the password, Check your email inbox for welcome email with the registered username, next steps for the subscribed products and link to TechSafe portal.


How to log in to TechSafe manage subscribed profile after registration?

Click the link from the welcome email which will take back to your portal and use your registered email and password for login.
Your portal will open as a webpage, Please check your business name in the header and the subscribed Manage demo will have a thank you message in the action bar.


What is the next step after registering and receiving thankyou message?

Once the registration is complete, Log in to your portal and check your business name in the header.
The subscribed TechSafe Manage section will have a thank you message with its status.
The TechSafe support will contact you for further steps and discussion.
After back-end provisioning completes, TechSafe Manage interface will show up with a message “No devices found” under My Devices.

How to add a device in TechSafe Manage?

Below “My Devices” message, there is an option “Add device”. Click Add device option to select your device type.
Select your device list which has three types of devices  i. Phone, ii. Tablet, iii.Laptop/PC

How will I add my preffered devices into TechSafe manage interface?

Click the phone icon in the list of devices. A pop over layer will appear with your registered email address, input field for phone number and device to select.
Click the radio button for Apple device for iPhone and other for Andriod.


Same steps for ipad or andriod tablet and mac or Windows. Click next

How to access detailed instructions and installation steps?

After filling device details and clicking the next button, A page will opens with instructions,name, phone number and image slide with installation steps according to the device.
You will receive a text message for phone and email for other types of devices.

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