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TechSafe Manage (TSM) Set Up Requirements

How to create Apple APN Certificates to get started?

Creating an Apple APN Certificate is a two part process. You will require your Corporate Apple ID, Please have this ready before contacting TechSafe to initiate this process.

The below link provides full technical details of the process.

The link: Apple APN Certificates

How to configure office365 integration

To configure office365 Integration into TechSafe Manage a user with global admin rights  in office365 is required. The following link is used in conjunction with a TechSafe support team member;

The Link is: Configuring Office365 Integration

Policy considerations and tuning

Tuning the management policies to fit the business requirements an important step in securing your devices.

Use the links below review important considerations and recommended best practices.

Please contact techsafe for more details and to implement policy updates.

– Key Considerations for Managing Devices

– IBMMaaS360_Best_Practices_for_Policies

Integrating office365 logins with TechSafe Manage

How to register an application for Single sign on in Microsoft Azure?

– Open Azure portal

– Click “Home” from the sidebar to open your profile’s Azure active directory.

– Open “App Registrations” in the second side tab  and click “New registration” with the plus icon on the top row.

– Register an application page will open, Give the credentials in the input field and click register.

– Overview of TechSafe SSO will open after registering. Copy the application ID and for client secret ID follow the steps below.

– Click “Certificates & secrets” in the second side tab and a page will open with “Add a client secret” and “Client secrets”.

– Copy the new client secret value provided as a secret string under “Client Secrets” for single sign on authentication.


Please follow the link for more details.

Link: Detailed Azure application set up for SSO

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