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TechSafe is New Zealand’s leading mobile device management service and portal tool.

We work with you to build a modern MDM solution for your business to streamline your employee’s work and keep your business secure from outside attackers and data loss without your business needing to have a dedicated team.

TechSafe also provides a support portal to get analytics of your devices and make actionable changes to a device.


Why use mobile device management?

user permissions managment icon

User Permissions

Configure different levels of security and apps as needed for different rolls in your organisation.

application management Icon

Application Managment

Automatically install required apps to your devices to save deployment time. Deploy new apps to your existing devices within minutes.

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Restrict access to corporate data while outside of authorized locations.

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Easy Deployment

Set up new or existing devices automatically when a user logs in without the need of an administrator ever touching a device.

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Threat managment

Protect company data exposure by limiting shearing to external sources and preventing the installation of malicious apps commonly seen in fishing attacks.

Visibility Icon

Visiblity and Analitics

Make sure your getting the most out of your devices and prevent physical loss.

Tailored to your business needs

Our experienced MDM architects help you configure your MDM solution exactly to your business needs and specifications so you don’t need to have a dedicated employee.

We get your device secure as fast as possible instead of months.

Portal Solution

TechSafe solve

Get access to our simple support portal to allow your admins to check up on devices and get reporting about your deployment without having to go through extensive training to understand how an MDM works.

Our portal also doesn’t allow your support workers to change the configuration of your MDM deployment to protect against missuse.

Device Support

We support any mobile or laptop OS type your company may use.

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iOS icon


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Mac OS

Zero Touch Deployment

Android, iOS, and windows all support Zero Touch deployment where a device can be added to your MDM device list when you purchase it from a registered reseller.

This removes the costly process of sending a device to your IT administrators to set up for the user as you can just ship the device directly to the user with zero touches from your admins.

traditional deployment vs modern mobile device management deployment

Choose A Service Plan

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TechSafe Full

$ 500
$ 7.00
For new MDM deployments.
MDM included
1 Documentation per Version
7 Day History
2 Teammates

TechSafe Solve

$ 1.99
Perfect for existing MDM deployments looking to reduce support time.
Plug n Play
30 Published Versions
5 Documentation per Version
30 Published Versions
Unlimited Teammates

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