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At TechSafe we are all about making mobile fleet management simple, improving customers security, reducing cost, and providing rich asset visibility.  We offer a full worry-free managed service that includes licence management, Threat protection, and advanced AI enabled analytics’. 

Have your own MDM solution but find getting insights and diagnosing issue time-consuming and difficult, check out TechSafe SolveTM our modern fleet management interface that snaps onto your chosen MDM platform and brings it to life.

Our Solutions

TechSafe Solve

TechSafe Portal
$ 1.75
If you already have a device management solution but want to make it accessible and easy, then Solve is for you.
Advanced Health Checker
Report Builder
Unlimited Admins

TechSafe Custom

TechSafe Management
$ 6.00
When you have a device management product you like, but don’t have the time to management it.
Includes Solve
Expert Consultation
Daily Operations Managment
Unlimited Apps
Policy Changes
9-5 Support

TechSafe Essentials

TechSafe Management plus
$ 7.00
Our most popular you get all the critical features and functions to make managing devices simple.
Includes Custom
Includes MDM/UEM licencing
Policy Setup
Zero Touch provisioning setup
KNOX, ABM, Android Enterprise Management


Every business is different, we take the strengths of proven solutions and work with you to ensure your business needs are delivered. We secure your devices fast and out of the box.  Where others can take months, we can have you up and running in hours or days.

We check in regularly and tune the service to your changing needs.

Experience you can rely on

Our people have a passion for delivering to your business needs.  We use the latest proven technologies coupled with proven deployment methods.  You get a future proofed secure management environment that will grow and protect your business


Sometimes things just go wrong, be it human error or a software bug.  We pride ourselves on looking after you and getting you back to business quickly and as seamlessly as possible. 

Our portal gives both support teams and end users visibility and enables both self-service and quick problem isolation and remediation.

Portal Solution

Visibility of your environment

Seeing is believing, our portal is designed to give everyone in the business what they need. 

Be it end users who have forgotten their pass codes, or CFO’s looking at how many assets they have, or service agents assisting an end-user with a compliance issue, one simple portal

Pay for what you use

When we say as a service, we mean that in every way.  Other solutions want you to pay in advance, upfront or for a set volume that can only increase, that’s like your power company asking you to pay for power you may never use.  We think it fairer to pay for what you use each month, with no fixed volume or term.

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Mac OS


We specialise in all areas

Benefits of mobile device management.

user permissions managment icon

User Permissions

Configure different levels of security and apps as needed for different rolls in your organisation.

application management Icon

App Managment

Automatically install required apps to your devices to save deployment time. Deploy new apps to your existing devices within minutes.

Threat protect Icon

Threat managment

Protect company data exposure by limiting shearing to external sources and preventing the installation of malicious apps commonly seen in fishing attacks.

Visibility Icon

Visiblity and Analitics

Make sure your getting the most out of your devices and prevent physical loss.

Location management Icon


Restrict access to corporate data while outside of authorized locations.

Deployment Icon

Easy Deployment

Set up new or existing devices automatically when a user logs in without the need of an administrator ever touching a device.

Choose A Service Plan

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MDM Managment

$ 7.00
For new MDM deployments.
MDM included
1 Documentation per Version
7 Day History
2 Teammates

TechSafe Managment

$ 7.00
For new MDM deployments.
MDM included
1 Documentation per Version
7 Day History
2 Teammates

TechSafe Solve

$ 1.99
Perfect for existing MDM deployments looking to reduce support time.
Plug n Play
30 Published Versions
5 Documentation per Version
30 Published Versions
Unlimited Teammates

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