Not managing your cyber security leaves you exposed and can severely damage your reputation and bottom line.

Cyber crime such as phishing attacks, ransomware, website hijacking, identity fraud and exploiting out-of-date  software are real and rapidly growing issues facing all New Zealand businesses today.

Understanding the risks and how to manage them and protect yourself from cyber crime is critical to protecting your business.


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Cost of lack of protection

Increasingly customers, banks and government are demanding you manage and secure your business information.
The consequences of not doing so are becoming more serious everyday:  

The New Zealand Government is in the process of changing the Privacy Act. Reform proposals include stronger powers for the Privacy Commissioner, mandatory reporting of privacy breaches, new offences and increased fines.

How to be aware

In an hour, one of our trained assessors can review your cyber security and identify any issues and your exposure to cyber risks. We also provide help to keep your staff from letting in the crims with resources to highlight the risks and improve online behaviour.

What risks are assessed?

Your on-site TechSafe assessment will cover:

  • Phishing
  • User account management
  • Password management
  • Access control
  • Wifi controls
  • Ransonware
  • Hijacking
  • ID fraud
  • Data back up
  • Viruses
  • User Behaviour
  • Insider Attacks


You instantly get the results of the cyber security assessment service and we follow up at a later date to verify the recommended changes have been made. Assuming you achieve certification, you can use it to inform your customers and suppliers that you have taken this important step toward cyber security and ensure their information is safe.

Your cyber security assessment results and status plus resources about how to maintain cyber security can be accessed by you and your staff via the TechSafe portal. Logon to stay ahead of the cyber crims.

An assessment and certification from TechSafe is an easy and affordable way to manage your cyber risk, secure your business and keep your business in business.

For only $399 you can get the knowledge, assurance and resources to keep your business techsafe. 

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