TechSafe® Entra ID SSO for Solve

As we also strive to deliver the simplest and most secure end user experience, we have released via the Microsoft enterprise application gallery the Solve Portal SSO application.

Why we have used the Microsoft application gallery.

  1. Applications have followed the Microsoft approval process and are tested and published by Microsoft.
  2. Pre integration: Applications in the Microsoft Application Gallery are pre integrated with Microsoft Entra ID, providing a streamlined deployment and configuration process for single sign-on (SSO).
  3. Ease of Configuration: Gallery applications offer a simplified and minimal configuration process, as most of the generic settings are already created in Azure for the users.
  4. Support and Documentation: Gallery applications come with step-by-step configuration tutorials and support, making it easier for organizations to onboard these applications

How to Configure TechSafe Portal to use SSO with you MS Entra ID

1. Open Entra Admin Center,

2. Select Applications -> Enterprise Application and New Application

3. Enter techsafe in the search application text field.

4. Select the TechSafe Entra ID SSO application as shown and select Create.

5. Managing who can authenticate using the application.

a. You may allow all users to use the app for authentication OR limited it to define users/groups for additional security.

b. Most commonly, and recommended initially, is to allow all users to be authenticated.

NOTE: All TechSafe portal admin users must be invited to join the platform and register before gaining access. This app only provides authentication services, authorization is manged within the portal. EG Being able to authenticate does not automatically grant access the TechSafe Portal.

c. To allow all users access Select Manage -> Properties and turn assignment required to No and Save

d. OR Select Users and Groups to assigned defined users and/or groups access only.

6. Select Manage -> Sign Sign-on -> SAML

7. In the configuration screen presented select Edit in the first card, Basic SAML Configuration

8. In the Basic SAML Configuration window, complete the following steps:

a. The Identifier (Entity ID) field is auto populated, no actions required.

b. Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)

ii. Click Add Reply URL to present the text field.

ii. Copy and paste the URL from the Patterns description, , in the text field.

c. Sign On URL

i. Copy and Paste the URL, , in the pattern’s description into the Sign On Url text field

d. Relay State (Optional)

i. This field remains blank.

e. Logout URL (Optional)

i. Enter into the available text field.

f. Select Save.

9. Still in the Single sign-on pane, navigate to section 3 of the Set up Single Sign-On with SAML window.

10. Download the Federation Metadata XML by selecting the download option and email this file to

11. You will receive an email notification from TechSafe once your SSO has been provisioned and is ready to use.

12. Testing is unable to completed until we have provisioned our end.


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