At TechSafe, we offer professional mobile device management (MDM) services to help businesses and organizations securely and efficiently manage their mobile devices. Our team of experts can provide the latest technologies and practices to protect your mobile devices and the sensitive data they contain, and can ensure that your devices are compliant with industry regulations and organizational policies.

Exceeding Expectations

“Ingram Micro NZ has a strong relationship with TechSafe, and this has been beneficial, especially with our vendor partner IBM in the Security space.  This success resulted in TechSafe being inducted into Ingram Micro’s Hall of Fame for 2023.  They are a great team to work with, and we look forward to future successes with them.”

Jamie Hall, General Manager, Advanced Solutions


“The TechSafe proposition has helped my team provide greater value to our customers over and above traditional mobile connectivity. The service has been really well received and we have seen great uptake from larger customers in the Not-for-profit segment as well as Enterprise and Government clients.  Partnering with TechSafe has been great and together we have seen tremendous growth and demand in the market and wonderful feedback from our customers for the services being provided”.

2degrees General Manager – NZ Corporate and Government Sector

More Partner Success

The device search tool is an essential tool for IT support teams, as it can help to streamline the process of identifying and addressing issues with mobile devices. By quickly being able to locate devices with problems, support teams can more efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues, improving the overall performance and reliability of the device fleet.