Solve Testimonals

Delivers visibility, integration, simplicity and efficiency

“We see underlying trends/problems that need to be addressed, speeding up resolution time”

“Struck by how easy it was to use to be able to see compliance issues across the fleet”

“We went from a whole lot of unknown cost, manual work, insecure and non-compliant devices to (for the same cost) all that confidence”

Cost neutral

Self-service care using TechSafe Solve’s intuitive portal

“It has made my life easier; I like the colour in the portal snapshot – it doesn’t overwhelm you, just a good easy amount of detail. Red and Green attracts your attention and helps you psychologically focus on what is the most important issue amongst the data”

“Trying to collect and present the data, we would have to have our data team heavily involved to develop and maintain”

“Great tool for just general support we can see and then we automatically know what we are looking for – some big savings there”

It has saved at least 1 to 2 service team members worth of work


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