Set up MaaS360 API Account

1. Confirm APIs have been enabled

Open MaaS360 and navigate to setup > Web Services API > Documentation

If there is no Web Services API option presented under the Setup tab, contact IBM support to get it enabled.

This can be done by clicking the headset icon at the top right of the portal and then clicking my cases.

2. Create a script only user

Open MaaS360 and navigate to setup > Administrators.

Click Add Administrator.

Enter an email address to be used for notifications and password resets.

For username, it’s recommended to use your customer name with SO to identify its a script-only user. e.g. TechSafe_SO

Click Next

For full functionality, like pass-code reset, wipe, hide device and more select the Administrator permission

If you want a read-only view with no device actions, please apply the Read-only permission

Please note, if you apply one permission then wish to switch, you will need to create a new administrator, apply the permission, set it as script only.

Click Next

Go to the email you set the account up with to get the details to log in.

Go trough the steps to create an account.

Once account is setup log out and log back in as an administrator.

Navigate to Setup > Administrators

Hover over more under the account you created and select convert to script only


This account will no longer be able to be logged into and can only be used to make API calls.

3. Enter Details Into TechSafe

Open your TechSafe Portal and click Edit options under Account Details.

Enter your MaaS360 instance ID. This can be found found at the bottom of the MaaS360 portal.

Enter the domain users will be registering under

Enter the name of the API account you just created.

Click reset password and enter the password for the account you created.

Click Submit and Test Access.

If successful, you will see the following screen.

You can then confirm the status by expanding the account details and seeing the green checkmark beside Manage Configuration Settings