What can my employer see about my device?

The device search tool is an essential tool for IT support teams, as it can help to streamline the process of identifying and addressing issues with mobile devices. By quickly being able to locate devices with problems, support teams can more efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues, improving the overall performance and reliability of the device fleet.

What an employer CAN see on my managed device.

  • Phone Model
  • Operating system
  • IMEI
  • Device name
  • Apps Installed Name
  • Apps Installed Version
  • If the device has a passcode
  • A range of device hardware specs
  • WiFi MAC Address
  • Data Usage
  • Last Online
  • Phone Number
  • Current Location*

What an employer CANT see on my managed device.

  • Any app data
  • Photos
  • Texts
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • How long an app was opened.
  • Browser history
  • Apps Data usage
  • Files
  • Network Traffic