Monthly Summary report


Total Dispatched

Devices dispatched from 2Degrees. Does not include duplicates from re-dispatched devices.

Total Activated

Devices distributed with a sim card that have been used to make a text, phone call or has mobile data usage.

Total Enrolled Devices

Devices enrolled into TechSafe Mobile Device Management.


Long Inactivity

Devices that have not connected to TechSafe Mobile device management in 90 days or more.

Remediation steps:

  • Check if the user is on an extended holiday or still works at the company
  • Check if device was failed to be returned
  • Check MaaS360 on device is still functioning correctly

Total Not Enrolled

Devices distributed by 2Degrees that have not been enrolled.

Remediation steps:

  • Ask the user the device was sent why it hasn’t been enrolled
  • Check if the device is in Samsung Knox or Apple Business Manager


Open Returns

Devices marked to be returned that have yet to be sent back to 2Degrees.

Remediation steps:

  • Check if the device has been redistributed and was not removed from the returns list
  • Check if end user has returned device

Not Enrolled

Devices that where dispatched and not enrolled for the described period of time. e.g. a device sent 4-6 months ago has not been enrolled.

Device Replacement Schedule

Devices are due to be replaced as they are ending their life span and will need to be sent back to 2 Degrees to get a replacement.

Next steps:

  • Prepare users with the upcoming device replacements by letting them know via email