Configuring policy and rule descriptions

Policy descriptions

Policy descriptions are the text under the ‘Assigned Policy’ heading in the Health Checker that displays a custom description of the policy. Here, you can write specific instructions and messages for your support team to better handle the devices in each policy. 

To highlight a policy, you can set it as OK, Warning, or Error policy. For example, if you have a ‘No Azure AD Group’ policy, you can change that to an error policy to alert support staff assisting the user.

Rule descriptions

Rule descriptions are the text under the ‘Compliance Status’ heading in the Health Checker that display the reason this device is out of compliance, a custom description of group-based rules applied to your fleet, and a ‘For Your Information’ status that informs you about how to clear the out-of-compliance status if the device has been brought into compliance. For the message to be displayed here, the name of the rule must match the name of the compliance rule in MaaS360.


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