TechSafe Manage Service Description

This service is designed to simplify mobile device management (MDM) while enhancing security, reducing costs, and providing comprehensive asset visibility. The service is available on the following MDM products IBM MaaS360, Microsoft Intune and VMware Workplace One.  Here are the key features of TechSafe Manage:

TechSafe Manage service:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): Covers iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows, and macOS devices. 
  • Application Management: Manages app deployment and policies across various platforms. 
  • Patch and Update Management: Ensures devices are up-to-date with the latest software. 
  • Work profile: Enables secure separation of work and personal data. 
  • Mobile Expense Management[1]: Helps monitor and control mobile expenses. 
  • Mobile Metrics: Collects performance data for informed decision-making, data use etc[2]. 
  • Single sign on enablement: Ensures secure user authentication. 
  • Location services[3]: locate devices. 
  • Support in field devices: ensure that devices are up to date and support can be offered remotely.  Reset pin codes, locate devices and wipe lost or stolen devices. 

TechSafe Threat Protection:

  • Enhances mobile security by detecting and managing mobile malware. 
  • Offers advanced jailbreak/root detection. 
  • Phishing detection 
  • Blocking Insecure Wi-Fi  
  • Allows clients to set and enforce compliance policies related to security vulnerabilities. 

TeamViewer Remote Support:

  • Provides remote support for various device operating systems, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile 10/11, and macOS. 

Technical Support Levels:

  • Level 1 (24/7 Automated Service) 
    • Initial contact point for service requests from end users. 
    • Ticket logging and management. 
    • First-level resolution. 
    • Escalations to second and third-level support as needed. 
    • Reporting. 
  • Level 2 & 3 (8am – 5pm x 5 days) 
    • Advanced technical support. 

TechSafe Solve

Is your MDM portal designed to simplify the management of your company’s devices without requiring extensive training for dedicated staff. Its key features: 

  • Device Health Checker: 
    • Quickly identifies and resolves device issues. 
    • Streamlines support by providing actionable insights. 
    • No deep technical knowledge of MDM systems required. 
    • Provides recommendations for problem resolution. 
  • Cross-Platform Visibility: 
    • Supports all leading MDM/UEM providers. 
    • Enables comprehensive control across different environments. 
  • Device Search Tool: 
    • Essential for IT support teams. 
    • Locates devices with problems. 
    • Improves troubleshooting and reliability. 
  • Real-Time Inventory: 
    • Easily find devices and take action. 
    • Tracks software, hardware, patch levels, and critical inventory aspects. 
  • Custom Dashboard: 
    • Real-time overview of mobile device deployment and usage. 
    • Key metrics, app usage, and security status. 
    • Tailored to your organisation’s needs. 
  • Advanced Reporting: 
    • Customisable reports highlighting specific data points. 
    • Helps track trends and identify areas for improvement. 

Supported Platforms: TechSafe Solve integrates with leading UEM/MDM platforms, constantly evolving to enhance offerings and adapt to emerging technologies. If you’re interested, feel free to explore more on the Azure Marketplace or visit the TechSafe website for additional details. 

TechSafe Manage offers flexibility in licensing options, allowing clients to choose between Bring Your Own License (BYOL) or Fully Licensed (FL) provisioning. With TechSafe, you pay for what you use, and there are no fixed terms or lock-ins. 

 If you’re interested, feel free to get in touch for an obligation-free chat and explore how TechSafe can meet your organisation’s needs. 

[1] Not available on all MDM solutions

[2] Data collected volume-based stats.

[3] Location information can be collected but needs end user consent. Location services and how it is implemented differs between MDM providers – please confirm requirements can be met with the MDM the customer is using.


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