Please review our online support pages to trobuleshoot issues and log support requests if needed.

Authenication Issues

TechSafe Solve only supports Single Sign On.
This means all users must have a valid, licensed, Microsoft account. Any licensing from Microsoft F1 or higher is suitable.

TechSafe Solve permissions issue?
If you receive the above permissions error it means your account has not been configured to access TechSafe Solve. You’ve been able to authencaite but your management rights are yet to be configured.
1. Check your spam folder. To become an administrator you must validate your email address and an invite is sent during the setup process. These can sometime end up in your spam folder. Check your spam for an invite to TechSafe Solve
2. Contact IT support for them to add you as an administrator. You must be invited to became a TechSafe Solve administrator
Microsoft Authenication Issues
1. Ensure your login is set to the correct domain name. Your organisation domain name is used to redirect you to your Microsoft tenancy for authenication. To reset and re-enter your domain use this link Reset Authenication Domain
2. If you receive microsoft authenication errors you will need to contact from your local IT support. Common issues are:
  •          Your User account is not licensed.
  •          Conditional access blocking authenitcation. Ask your administrators to review your sign-in logs.